28 Apr 2009

Deadly Movie Connections

Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis. 

The ultimate mother and daughter act. Both Janet and Jamie have been leading women in seminal horror classics. Janet played Marian in Hitchcock’s 1960 classic Psycho, while Jamie was cast as a second generation slasher leading lady in 1978s Halloween. Jamie would go on to complete further 80s horror filmsThe Fog (1980), Prom Night (1980), Terror Train (1980), and Halloween 2 (1981), before returning to the genre and to the Halloween franchise in Halloween H20 (1998) followed by Virus (1999) and Halloween Resurrection (2002). Jamie and Janet can be found starring together in The Fog and Halloween H20. H20 lovingly refers to Janet’s role in Psycho in the subtle use of the Psycho score and the use of the car driven by Marian on her fateful journey to Bates Motel.

Its as if these two women are destined to dance with the bogeyman forever. And indeed they both too met their fate at the hands of iconic bogeymen, Janet as Marian in the forever famous shower scene in Psycho, brutally stabbed by Norman Bates, and Jamie’s long suffering Laurie Strode finally meets her doom at the hands of Michael Myers (at the fourth time of asking) in Halloween Resurrection.

Jamie Lee can proudly sit upon here thrown as ‘Scream Queen’ with eight horror films under her belt, four of which Halloween films, not to mention the almost unknown and uncredited voice over (as curfew announcer and telephone operator) in Halloween 3: Season of the Witch 1982). Jamie’s role in Halloween cemented the legacy of the ‘final girl’ for decades of movies to come. That, and of course, she happens to be the daughter of Slasher’s ‘First Lady’.

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