8 Apr 2009

The Atomic Submarine - 1959

A real odd one this. Certainly a case where black and white isn’t good enough to cover up very poor model making and miniature effects, certainly not one of the better 50s sci-fi creature features. In a nutshell a military submarine investigates strange nuclear goings-on in the arctic seas. What they find is, fairly hilariously, an underwater flying saucer. The laws of physics are dealt with fairly loosely by the submarine crew whose vessel’s interior is immune to movement as the outside gets battered pillar to post, and the less said about under water pressure the better! However one note of pop culture joy for fans of The Simpsons is the reveal of the alien during the film’s finale. Without doubt this chap is the forefather of Kang and Kodos (He even has the Bob Dole deep voice!). It's OK 50’s pulp fun, definitely a late night one to fall asleep to, sadly it lacks that essential charm that the better creature features sustain to this day.

Like under water creature films? Try The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1953), The Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954), and even Roger Corman's Monster From The Ocean Floor (1954).

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