18 Feb 2011

UK DVD artwork and Clip from ‘SAW The Final Chapter’

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UK based SAW fans get ready for the DVD release of SAW The Final Chapter (aka SAW 7, aka SAW 3D) on March 7. Left is the DVD and Blu-ray artwork, click more for an exclusive clip from the DVD.  Also out on DVD and Blu-ray on March 7 is the complete franchise set, SAW: The Final Cut, the Limited Edition Ultimate Collection of all 7 movies.

If Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) has taught us anything it’s that we can expect at least six more SAW movies, a bad SAW TV series, SAW novellas, SAW comic books, a Jigsaw vs Freddy movie, and a SAW remake by 2020.

Remember to click more below for an exclusive clip from the March 7 DVD release from Lions Gate Home Entertainment UK.

Find out SAW purchase info at Play.com and join the official SAW Facebook group


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  1. Saw movies are always so scariest for me and i love to be daring with them , these movies having a good identity with their horror world.