3 Feb 2011

Deadly Movies Celebrates Shit Movie Stuntmen

Deadly Movies Shit Stuntmen | ‘Dead and Buried’ (1981)

Christopher Allport (left) Meg Ryan (Right)

Deadly Movies loves nothing more than the glorious laugh out loud production errors that litter the wonderful world of horror. Be it boom mics dropping into shot, sets wobbling, terrible practical effects, or awful lip syncing. But better than all of these things is the stuntman who’s face pops into shot and he couldn’t look less like the actor he portrays. It’s a classic of the genre. So here we go with 1981′s tremendous ‘Dead and Buried‘. Genre stalwart Christopher Allport (‘The Twilight Zone, ‘Invaders From MarsJack Frost‘) kicks things off by visiting a small seaside town only to get jumped and savagely murdered by the locals. CUE THE STUNTMAN! During said beatdown Allport is replaced by a man in a stupid blonde wig who pops into shot (appologies for not getting a crisper screengrab of the dude’s mug). The wig is especially funny, making the stuntman look more a Meg Ryan drag-queen than a body double. Classic.

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