3 Feb 2011

Do You Remember When..,

.., Kong smiles as he blow-dries Jessica Lange in ‘King Kong’ (1976)?

Gurning Idiot. This is the face of a sex offender

Horny Kong strikes again! King Kong has a 80 year reputation for abducting and thoroughly molesting blonde starlets. But that’s just Hollywood for you. In 1976 Kong got very excited as he dipped a scantly-clad, hot as jalepenos, Jessica Lange under a waterfall. A kind of Skull Island wet t-shirt competition. Surveying Lange, in all her wet glory, Kong puffs out his huge inflatable cheeks to give her a little blow-dry and grins profusely from ear-to-ear as if he’d been up all night smoking dubes and watching Ren and Stimpy. He then goes on to poke and prod her like most men do to women when they try picking them up in bars. Good work Kong, good work.

EFFECTS! Even dodgy 70s effects can stop the grinning

Note: yes that is Rick Baker in that suit, and yes those are his sex offender eyes (disclaimer: Rick Baker is NOT a sex offender).


  1. That was really with the superb effects from horror and we enchanted through the say and also a cause for us to support horror world of movies.

  2. While filming Miss Lang had a bit of a "mishap" ... The giant hands which Carlo Rambaldi had designed.... A cable broke ... and Lang was "flicked" across a part of the sound stage as the large finger snapped out at her ... She did sustain injuries.....