1 Apr 2011

Movies You’ve Probably never Heard Of #14

‘The Wild Women of Wongo’ (1958)

Romance, Adventure..., Sexism!

Yay for exploitation cinema. Without it I wouldn’t have much to write about, and more importantly, the world of cinema would be deprived of the likes of ‘The Wild Women of Wongo‘. Sexist, and even some racist, stereotypes are the dish of the day in this piece of uber hilariousness from ‘director’ James L. Wolcott. Ok here’s the rub: The ‘wild women’ of the tropical island of Wongo are actually hot 50s type starlets mincing about the place in swimsuits (little effort here in tribal costume) with only savage beast-men for company. Meanwhile, as luck would have it, on a neighboring island are a tribe of equally sexy, and even more mincing, men, who coincidentally, live with a bunch of beast-like women. See where this is going? Anyway, after much dancing, sexy liaisons, lady-kung-fu, and stock footage crocodiles, the good looking tribes hook up, leaving the butt-ugly lot to have the kind of sex seen only by the most intrepid sexual fetishist. So the message of the movie is that good looking people are superior beings. Thank god we have moved on from 1958. Amen to that brother. Oooooh Yeah.

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