20 Jan 2011

Roger Corman presents Dinoshark!


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It’s always good news when a press release arrives in your inbox about a new Roger Corman film. It may well be battling Asylum in the stupid name category, but with Corman and Anchor Bay behind it, ‘Dinoshark‘ looks like it could be made from sounder monster bones. Check out the DVD artwork below and hit ‘more’ to read the press release. ‘Dinoshark‘ is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on April 26th.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – For millennia, it slept inside a frozen glacier: waiting to be set free.  But with an unexpected shift of climate, the glacier cracked, and what was once extinct was reborn to unleash terror in a brave new world. On April 26, Anchor Bay Entertainment releases the hit Syfy Channel original movie Dinosharkon Blu-ray and DVD. Produced by the legendary Roger Corman and Julie Corman, Dinoshark bites with an SRP of $24.99 for the Blu-ray™ and $19.98 for the DVD with pre-book on March 30th.

Born in Antarctica, Dinoshark noses his way down the warmer currents to Mexico, towards a popular vacation spot crowded with party-goers unwittingly ready to fall prey to a prehistoric eating machine.  When the killings begin, it becomes clear that no normal animal can be responsible for such savagery.

Local captain Trace McGraw (Eric Balfour – “24”, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Skyline) and marine biologist Carol (Iva Hasperger – “CSI”, “Cold Case”) seem to be the only ones convinced that the creature terrorizing their shores is something other than the expected man-eating shark.  They enlist the help of the world’s only expert on the Dinoshark (Roger Corman himself).  Together, will they be able to reel Dinoshark in?

Dinoshark is the story of a terrifying sea-creature that threatens to turn a holiday swim into a bloodbath.  This fierce, finned predator has to be seen to be believed:   if he will let you live that long!  Bonus feature includes a full-length commentary track with producers Roger and Julie Corman.

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  1. yes ! they all are the nerve wrenching movies that have created the best horror world among them, they are the scariest yet enjoyable movies fro us and i love to watch them.